The Healthier Way to Love Cheese™ for Canadians

Whether you’re looking for lactose-free cheese, dairy-free cheese, or soy-free cheese, we have a type for you. Check out the full dating pool below to find your perfect match.

Better-for-you Slices

Any way you slice it, you’ll find that perfect single with GO Veggie!® Lactose Free, Soy Free, and Dairy Free slices in a variety of savory flavours.

Better-for-you Creamy Spread

For those looking to spread some cheesy love, try GO Veggie!® award-winning Dairy Free creamy spread in a rich and creamy classic plain variety.

Better-for-you Blocks

For those looking for a whole lot of cheesy satisfaction, try GO Veggie!® soy-based blocks and rice-based blocks to enjoy all your blissfully melty comfort foods without feeling uncomfortable about it.

Better-for-you Parmesan

For those looking to top off their meal with a little cheesy finish, GO Veggie!® grated parmesan topping is the perfect way to sprinkle a little cheese on top.