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Cream Cheesy Bliss on a Bagel

Cream Cheesy Bliss on a Bagel

For 10 simple pairings for Dairy Free Cream Cheesy Bliss ... and they're good for you too! Try these or create your own cream cheese pairings. Tell us your favorites on Facebook.
Servings: 1
Servings 1 bagel


GO Veggie! Dairy Free Classic Plain Cream Cheese:

  • Honey + sliced almonds
  • Avocado + salsa
  • Almond butter + pear
  • Sliced beets + orange zest

GO Veggie! Dairy Free Chive & Garlic Cream Cheese:

  • Cucumber + olives
  • Smoked salmon + shallots
  • Tomato + basil

GO Veggie! Dairy Free Strawberry Cream Cheese:

  • Graham Crackers + walnuts
  • Dark chocolate chips + almonds
  • Coconut + strawberry slices


  • For each cream cheese pairing, follow these steps:
  • Slice and toast your favorite bagel.  Then generously spread your favorite flavor of GO Veggie! Dairy Free Cream Cheese on top of each slice, followed by the pairings choices listed for each flavor and serve.
  • Repeat processes with other bagel pairings for delicious cream cheesy bliss!
  • Katie Cavuto, MS, RD, GO Veggie! Ambassador, Registered Dietitian, Culinary Nutritionist, Writer, Spokesperson, Media Personality
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