The Healthier Way to Love Cheese™

Whether you’re looking for lactose free, soy free or vegan cheese, we have a type for you. Check out the full dating pool below to find your perfect match.

Better-for-You Singles

Any way you slice it, you’ll find that perfect match with GO VEGGIE® cheese alternative singles in a variety of savory flavors.

Better-for-You Deli Slices

For those looking for a rich and creamy addition to any sandwich or wrap, try GO VEGGIE® Lactose & Soy Free deli slices in three unique flavors.

Better-for-You Shreds

For those looking for a sprinkling of cheesiness in their life, try GO VEGGIE® cheese alternative shreds for a delicious melty experience you can feel good about.

Better-for-You Bars

For those looking for a nutritious, cheesy snack, try GO VEGGIE® Lactose & Soy Free bars in two trendy flavors.

Better-for-You Cream Cheese

For those looking to spread some cheesy love, try GO VEGGIE® award-winning Vegan cream cheese in a variety of rich and creamy flavors.

Better-for-You Spread & Dip Minis

For those looking for a creamy fun, portion controlled snack, try GO VEGGIE® Vegan spread & dip minis in chive & garlic.

Better-For-You Parmesan

For those looking to top off their meal with a little cheesy finish, GO VEGGIE® cheese alternative grated toppings are the perfect way to sprinkle a little cheese on top.